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The History of a Future Campaign for Good Value

PVC banners x2 (190cm x 66cm)




Super-Value-Less @ K Fest, Killorglin, Co. Kerry (IE) 2016


BAD ROBOT! The continuous expansion of peer-to-peer information sharing and the advent of 3D-printing forces society to conceive of an alternative value system, to adapt ourselves to the increasing instability of a market based upon the worth of products now readily available for free.

IN KNOWLEDGE WE TRUST! The collapse of commodity value heralds an end to intellectual property paralleled by unprecedented global investment in education and skilled labour. Basic wage is introduced to ease the transition.

PARADIGM LANDSLIDE! An open-source approach to production gives rise to a worldwide explosion of collaborative efforts, followed swiftly by widespread innovation in all fields; revolution begets evolution. 


'The History of a Future Campaign for Good Value' is a series of imagined political artefacts remaining after a great societal shift some time in the near future. As a response to the internet eroding the market's ability to form prices correctly the series speculates a society that can react and adapt in an alturistic manner, overcoming our tribal origins and the cultural mire of late capitalism.

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