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Speculative Cartographies

Interactive Multimedia Installation


Collaboration with Gianni Laneri Deforne, Rory Malone, Marjolein van der Meer



Speculative Chartographies is a new, multi-faceted interactive artwork created by artists David Mathúna, Rory Malone and Gianni Laneri Deforne.


Over a period of two months events were held at four East-Berlin locations where interviews with the public were conducted on the topic of the future of public space - each line of questioning depending on the given location: how do we imagine the future of transport, of borders, of security, of play?

The information gathered served as the inspiration for location-activated augmented reality sculptures created by Rory Malone and a GPS-spatialised sound-walk designed and composed by myself, transforming the borderlands of Kreuzberg, Neukölln and Alt-Treptow into a veritable audio-visual treasure hunt over three days at the end of September.

The spatialised sound walk encompasses an interactive score of four simultaneous 15-minute movements activated by the visitor’s relative GPS coordinates, each sonic movement containing audio collected during the events held at their respective locations, interwoven with extracts from Isaac Asimov’s cyclical masterpiece ‘The Last Question’ narrated by Marjolein van der Meer.

Creative Director - Gianni Laneri Deforne
Digital Artist - Rory Malone
Composer, System Designer - David Mathúna
Narrator - Marjolein van der Meer
Poster Image Designer - Antonia Grunefeld, Gianni Laneri Deforne

A project by Fixotek
Supported by Draussenstadt




Speculative Cartographies (DE) 2022


Each of the four location tracks of the soundwalk can be listened to below.
Headphones recommended.

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