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Changing Sames

3-channel video installation




Na hOibreacha @ Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork (IE) 2014



I perform.

I produce myself, incessantly.

I am the changing same.

I am a shape-shifting tissue of quotations: all diverse, none original.

I am the feedback loop – that which I do not create, but which creates me.

I escape the individual into the communal.

I slip my mind, and for a time, I feel completely free.



The very notion of a fixed state of identity – something that is achieved and subsequently set in stone – has long since evaporated. What we are left with is a never-ending game of musical chairs, whereby one sits, adopts, and subsumes the characteristics of every next semiotically loaded commodity. Our global system of over-mediated capitalism requires that we be bored with stasis, and that our restlessness be timely – so much so, that what we once considered to be our identity is now a collage of cultural material, forever in a state of flux.

A changing singularity.


Electronic music, as a form of expression, encapsulates this changing same like few others. A repetitive, immersive, psychological collage space drawing its very substance from the innumerable centers of culture, which, when experienced in the flesh, has the power to relinquish us from ourselves, our egos – to share a singular identity among a collective.


Documentation of the exhibition at Crawford College of Art & Design, 2014

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